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Step into the MedCompanion Knowledge Hub, an immersive destination crafted to empower and enlighten. Within this virtual realm, you'll discover a treasure trove of valuable insights, expertly curated resources, thought-provoking blogs, and up-to-the-minute news.


Dive deep into our world of personalized healthcare advocacy and support, where knowledge is the key that unlocks confidence and empowers you to take control of your healthcare journey. Expand your understanding, make informed decisions, and embark on a path of transformative well-being through the MedCompanion Knowledge Hub.

  • What is MedCompanion?
    A MedCompanion is a qualified caring professional who virtually serves on behalf of a family member during a doctor visit or other medical encounter. After speaking to the patient and the family prior to a doctor’s visit, the MedCompanion is able to listen to the physician's recommendations, provide information on behalf of the patient and family, and relay questions and concerns for family members who could not be present during a medical encounter. After the encounter, the MedCompanion writes a summary of care that will always be available to the patient and their family. In this way you can let our MedCompanion be there for you!
  • How does the service work?
    Using the MedCompanion service is simple! 1) Sign up at and choose a date for us to call you, so we can set up your visit. 2) Our specialist will call you through Zoom to discuss the details, complete paperwork, obtain consent and ask you what questions you might have for the provider. 3) We will verify the date of your appointment and assign a MedCompanion. We will also let your doctor know that a MedCompanion will be virtually present during the appointment. 4) At the appointment, the patient will click on a link we provide and a MedCompanion will appear and participate via a private video call. 5) Our MedCompanion will listen during the appointment, and ask any questions or concerns you or your family discussed with us previously. 6) Our MedCompanion will write a summary that you can find on our HIPAA secured app.
  • How do I get a MedCompanion?
    It’s easy! Sign up for one of our client intake sessions and our Care Quality Specialist will take care of the rest for you!
  • Does my doctor need to know? If so, how will they be informed?"
    Yes! It is important to us that your doctor and their office is made aware that you will be virtually accompanied by a MedCompanion. The MedCompanion reaches out to the clinic and/or provider prior to the visit to make sure the provider understands you will have a MedCompanion with you on the day of your visit.
  • What about my family member’s privacy? What about HIPAA?
    Great question. The patient’s privacy is of utmost importance to us. By law HIPAA prevents us from giving out medical information about a patient to anyone, including you! Therefore in order to provide our MedCompanion service the patient (and/or legal guardian) has to give us permission/consent to be present in the room and report on the medical visit to their family members. At any time the patient can change their mind and withdraw this consent, even in the middle of the visit. They can also request that we only share some things and keep other subjects private between themselves and the doctor. Because of this, we ask our patients and family members to have a conversation with each other about these privacy matters.
  • Are the doctor and/or medical visits recorded?
    No. The visits are not recorded. The MedCompanion who virtually serves on behalf of your family is there to listen and document a summary of care. It is no different than a family member sitting in a room with you and taking notes to make sure they can remember what was discussed and what recommendations the doctor makes.
  • Is the MedCompanion able to ask questions during a doctor visit and/or medical encounter?
    Absolutely. The MedCompanion is an extension and representative of the family. When you register for the service and complete the initial consultation with our care quality specialists prior to the doctor visits, our CQS will obtain written consent from the patient to allow us to share information with their loved ones (of their choosing) as well as allowing our MedCompanion to interact and ask questions on behalf of the family. During the initial consultation with our CQS, they write down any concerns or questions the patient as well as family members would like addressed with the doctor during the visit. The MedCompanion is then responsible for making sure those questions are asked during the doctor visit. Likewise if the doctor has any questions or concerns they would like to follow-up with the family member(s), the MedCompanion writes those down in the summary of care and our CQS will work with the patient and family member to obtain the answers needed. The answers can be uploaded or texted directly into our app which the MedCompanion can then securely share with the doctor.
  • Is there an app?
    Yes! Our app can also serve as a health tracker to help track specific metrics (blood pressure, weight, glucose levels, A1c, oxygen levels, exercise activities, meals) as well as goal setting to help achieve your desired health goals. Our app integrates with Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google fit
  • What else does the app do?
    Our app can also serve as a health tracker to help track specific metrics (blood pressure, weight, glucose levels, A1c, oxygen levels, exercise activities, meals) as well as goal setting to help achieve your desired health goals. Our app integrates with Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google fit.
  • How do I (or my family) access the information?
    During your initial consultation with our care quality specialist you will be provided with additional information with how to create an account, download the app and access it at any time. Upon signing consents to allow MedCompanion to share your information with your desired family members they will be provided with a login link as well. Once the registration is complete you will have access to the app and your records indefinitely.
  • Is this secure?
    MedCompanion IS 100% secure. We ensure that our database is HIPAA compliant. MedCompanion and our app is HIPAA, PIPEDA, AUS Privacy Act, and GDPR compliant. MedCompanion and our database meets medical-grade security and privacy protections to secure our clients and their personal health information (PHI) stored within our database and app.
  • Does your app support HIPAA secured Zoom calls?
    The HIPAA-compliant level of Zoom is available via our app, which is the most secure version of Zoom available. HIPAA-compliant Zoom is used by hospitals, medical facilities, and clinics all over the world for end-to-end 256-bit AES encrypted and secure video and audio calls. This offers an added layer of protection over a direct-to-consumer version of Zoom available to the public. Our app has a Business Associate's Agreement signed with Zoom, which outlines how client information is protected and fully encrypted.
  • Can I do this for all my doctor visits?
    MedCompanion is currently supporting all outpatient visits at this time.
  • What happens if my doctor is running late?
    Doctor running late? No problem! Our MedCompanion will stay with you until the completion of your visit no matter what.
  • What happens when there is a connection issue?
    If there is a connection issue for any reason our MedCompanion will call you with the number provided during registration.
  • Can I use this service if I don’t have the right equipment?
    In order to use the MedCompanion service you will need to have access to any IOS or Android device that can connect to the internet.
  • What if I need to reschedule?
    To reschedule your initial consultation with our care quality specialist you can login to the app or account and select a new time. If you need to reschedule your doctor visit, you will need to first contact your doctor’s office to reschedule and obtain a new date and time. Once you have the new date and time you can reschedule your MedCompanion visit directly from the app.
  • Do I still need a MedCompanion if my doctor offers a patient portal?
    That is a great question. Patient portals are excellent tools where doctors can help communicate test results, medication updates, add physician notes, and help with scheduling. Sometimes this helps with exceptional communication between the provider and the patient or family. However, not every patient portal is equal. Sometimes they are not updated frequently, or they only have limited functions. Other times they may only offer one way communication from the doctor to the patient. With a MedCompanion you are using a different tool with a human touch that is designed to do only one thing: ensure clear communication between caregivers, the patient, and providers. A MedCompanion will help you understand everything that goes on during the visit and can help coordinate any next steps based on the doctor’s recommendations. The MedCompanion makes sure the doctor knows what your concerns are if you (caregiver) can’t be present during the visit.


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