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​Virtual Assistant for Medical Needs | MedCompanion

  • The purchase of the single-service package includes:

    • An introduction and set-up call with our Care Quality Specialist

    • A walkthrough of our privacy policy and logistics of the medical visit with a MedCompanion.

    • A MedCompanion encounter during a medical appointment in which the MedCompanion acts as an extension and representative of the family

    • A general summary of the encounter delivered via our secure app

    • Lifetime access to the MedCompanion-Healthie App

  • The purchase of the subscription plan includes:

    • The subscription plan is specifically designed to benefit patients and families with complex medical conditions that require more frequent care.

    • The subscription service includes:

    • 3 uses of everything included in the single-service plan per month

    • Rollover of unused services for the duration of the subscription

    • Any additional MedCompanion visits needed beyond those included in the subscription plan can be added at the reduced price of $24.99 per visit.

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