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A Virtual Presence To Be There When No One Else Can


How will MedCompanion help me?

We can be there for you when life gets in the way

Our professional staff will go to your family member’s medical appointment by using our private and secure app. This is called “Virtual presence.”

We will ask the doctor your questions

Before the visit, one of our MedCompanions will call you to discuss your loved ones care. We will ask you what questions you have for the medical providers. Then, during your family member’s appointment, we make sure those subjects are brought up and your concerns are voiced.

We will keep you informed

After the visit, the MedCompanion will write up a summary of what happened. We will send you a report of the answers to your questions, doctor or medical practitioner's concern, changes in your loved one’s care plan, and recommendations for future visits. This report will be available in our secure software.

We will keep you connected

By combining our Virtual Presence, your questions and concerns, and our accurate summaries, we will be able to keep you up to date and informed of all the complex parts of your family members care. Even if you cannot be physically present for all their appointments, with MedCompanion you will remain connected.


Consult with our team

Select a time for a welcome call with one of our care quality specialists.


Great passion for Patient and Family Support

MedCompanion, LLC is a virtual assistance company for medical needs that's a part of the evolution of having a virtual family presence during medical encounters with their loved ones. In today’s changing population, a larger number of patients are seeking care for a wider variety of medical issues. Their family members may have difficulty being present during these visits for many different reasons. This difficulty can come from work hours, child care, or distance (even living in a different state) that conflicts with the medical appointment.  With the Medcompanion’s virtual presence, family members can accurately understand what happens in a medical visit even if they cannot be there.

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MedCompanion App

Our app can also serve as a health tracker to help track specific metrics (blood pressure, weight, glucose levels, A1c, oxygen levels, exercise activities, meals) as well as goal setting to help achieve your desired health goals.


MedCompanion is 100% secure. We ensure that our database is HIPAA compliant.

Easy Sign up

It’s easy! Sign up for one of our client intake sessions and our Care Quality Specialist will take care of the rest for you!

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I used to ask my mother how her cardiologist appointment went and she would say “just fine.” MedCompanion helped me understand what happened during her appointment.


I wanted to talk to my father’s doctor about his medication side effects, but because of work I could never go to the appointments. My MedCompanion made sure that the doctor heard my concerns and addressed them at his last appointment.


After my sister’s accident I wanted to go to all of her appointments, however being deployed made it impossible for me to be there. My MedCompanion helped me understand what was going on through every step of her journey.

Client testimonials


In this age of remote technology it can be difficult to maintain the heart of health services. At MedCompanion our primary mission is making sure our customers feel the love


The MedCompanions connect via remote technology  and document a summary of care so that you and your family can have a clear understanding of your healthcare journey


Our Care Quality Specialists are with you from start to finish to ensure a quality seamless experience with our services


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